Are you the type of person who likes topping their own sundae? Customizing their latte? Getting a unique paint job on their car? Do you just hate being like everyone else?

Have we got a bundle deal for you. Now you can get the savings of a 3-Tie, 6-Tie, or 12-Tie bundle without having to choose from a pre-selected set.

How does it work? We're glad you asked.

STEP 1: Add at least 3, 6, or 12 skinny ties to your cart. Your choice of which ones, so go crazy! You do you.

STEP 2: Punch one of the following codes into the discount field at checkout:

  • BYOB3 for a cool 10% off your custom 3-tie bundle.
  • BYOB6 for a solid 25% off your custom 6-tie bundle.
  • BYOB12 for a ridiculous 45% off your custom 12-tie bundle.

STEP 3: Bask in your build-your-own bundle glory, knowing in your heart that no one has quite the same bundle of ties that you do.*

*It's really statistically improbable that they do, anyway.