We know you love skinny ties. We know you want to recommend us to your friends. We know you want to get paid to do all that. That's why we created the Skinny Tie Madness affiliate program.

As an ambassador, you will get:

  • A unique referral link that tracks all your leads, sales, and commissions
  • Passive income - a 15% commission on all final sales from your referrals (and of course, 15% off of your own purchases, too). Refunds will be subtracted, though.
  • A 30 days cookie lifespan
  • Competitive average order value ($5 per every $35 sale)
  • Strong conversion rate
  • No limit to the amount of commission you're eligible to earn

Join the Skinny Tie Madness family. Simply sign up below for a custom link to share with your friends via email or social media. When someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you'll earn a 15% commission!

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