Jul 30, 2018

It's the little things that matter.  Details details details.  When I go to a restaurant my main priority is the quality of the food followed closely by the quality of the service. If either is sub par I am highly unlikely to return to the restaurant.  But there's more to a restaurant than just food and service.  The decor, ambiance, and music all play a major role in the overall customer experience.  One of my favorite details of a great restaurant is when the wait staff is dressed so creatively that it makes me do a double take.

There are some Bad Ass waiter unforms:

restaurant uniforms

waiter uniforms

There are some sexy waiter uniforms:

Sexy Waiter UniformsSexy Waitress Uniform

Sexy Waitress Uniform

There are some fun waiter uniforms:

Fun Waiter Uniforms

Fun Waiter Uniforms

And there are some theme appropriate waiter uniforms:

Themed Waiter Uniforms

Good Talk!


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