Nov 06, 2018

We recently made a video and we're proud of it if you can't tell.  People are asking us to share the experience with them. Actually nobody asked us, we're just sharing it anyway.  

How To Tie a Half Windsor

The video was produced by @2001 films in Richmond Virginia. It was filmed at the Saison Bar and is Narrated by Justin Ayotte.

On YouTube we boldly declared that if the video gets 100,000 views we'll make the most ridiculous How To Tie A Tie Video ever.  We didn't think we'd get even 1,000 views...turns out we're up to 5,000 in the first week!!  We still don't think we'll get to 100,000 views but the ideas are already starting to flow about how to make the most ridiculous tie video ever.

If you haven't watched the video yet you can do so here.

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